Pyramid Cycle Design is a micro business based in Coventry, UK.  We are passionate about all types of cycling and want to make the fastest and most innovative products on the market.

Dr Mark Pharaoh established a composites consultancy business, Pyramid Composite Design, in 2012. Before that, he spent nearly 20 years working as a senior research fellow at the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at the University of Warwick, working on various automotive and aerospace projects involving thermoplastic composite materials.

We were already working on developing bespoke carbon/PEEK chainrings when a chance conversation at Club la Santa in Lanzarote in January 2015 with Dame Sarah Storey and her husband Barney about her impending hour record attempt led to us making bespoke chainrings and adaptor plates for Sarah's hour record bike and spare.  The adaptor plates were needed to fit a 144BCD track ring onto a 130BCD Verve Infocrankroad crankset, with special cut outs in both the plates and the rings for the ANT+ transmitter on the crank arm.

From those early prototypes, we have developed a range of bespoke and off the peg carbon fibre and aluminium chainrings, supplying them to all levels of cyclists for road, TT, cyclo cross and mountain biking. We launched the Pyramid Cycle Design product range online shortly before the 2016 Rio Olympics, where our track chainrings were used by Team Australia. 

We also supply our chainrings a number of other professional athletes and teams, including: Team Denmark, Uno-X Pro Cycling, Maloja Pushbikers, Albert Torres and Sebastian Mora, Blackline Racing, Born to Bike-Bridgtown Cycles,  Team Bottrill, MI Racing, Vittoria Bussi, Anna Keisenhofer, and a number of professional triathletes.