Frequently Asked Questions

are your chainrings compatible with A 12 speed chain?

Our chainrings are compatible with 12 speed chains, including the SRAM flat top chain). However, the speed link on Shimano 12 speed chains will NOT run properly on our 1x (narrow-wide) chainrings, because the of the link width. We recommend running a 12 speed YBN or SUMC chain with our chainrings. In our view, these have superior manufacturing quality and longevity.

What size and type of chainrings do you sell?

We sell 7075 aluminium, black anodised chainrings in the following types and sizes:

  • 1x (narrow-wide) TT chainrings in 52T, 54T, 56T, 58T, 60T and 62T.
  • 1x (narrow-wide) gravel/CX chainrings in 42T, 44T and 46T.
  • Double outer chainrings in 54T, 56T and 58T.
  • Track chainrings (144BCD) in 50T to 65T.
  • Oval 1x (narrow-wide) chainrings in 36T, 42T, 44T, 46T, 54T, 56T and 58T. These are cut to the rider's torque curve, so if you order one of these, you will need to supply torque data from a Wattbike or Garmin Vector pedals before we can cut and ship your chainring. Once cut, these cannot be returned, so it is the customer's responsibility to check that the chainring fits on their cranks and bike frame.

what do you mean by narrow-wide?

We have designed our own narrow-wide tooth profile for our 1x chainrings to help ensure the chain stays on.  Every other tooth is wider than a standard chainring tooth, and fits in the wide part of your bike chain. Because of this, our 1x chainrings are only available in even numbers of teeth, so please don't ask us for odd numbers, because we can't make them.

do I need a chain guide or catcher with your 1x chainrings?

This will depend on the Q factor of your bottom bracket on your specific bike frame.  Some bikes may need a chain guide because they have a very narrow or very wide bottom bracket shell. You will generally be able to see this - if you have difficulty keeping the chain on in your biggest or smallest gear because of the angle from the chainring to the sprocket, you may need a chain guide.  We would also recommend you look at your chain length and tension, and possibly consider using a clutched rear mech.

However, most bikes do not need a chain guide. We run our 1x chainrings (oval and round) from 36T to 56T on our own bikes here at PCD and do not use a chain guide on any of them.


No, we do not sell pairs of chainrings or inner chainrings for double chainsets.  This is because we manufacture all our chainrings here in the UK and it is not cost effective for us or you for us to make chainrings that are readily available from large manufacturers overseas.


Some of our chainrings are pre-cut to specific bolt patterns (generally 130BCD, 110BCD 4-bolt Shimano and 110BCD 5-bolt). The bolt holes and centre cut out on these pre-cut versions are anodised black.

We also stock solid centre rings in some sizes and types, so that we can cut other bolt patterns and BCDs. In these cases, the bolt holes and centre cut out will not be anodised black.

We can cut centres for a number of non-standard bolt patterns, BCD and power meter cut outs, including some SRAM and Campagnolo patterns.  We cannot cut Campagnolo Ekar or SRAM direct mount patterns. We cannot cut any pattern for which we do not have the CAD.  

If you want to order a non-standard centre cut out, you will need to contact us and send us full details of the cranks and spider you are using, along with clear photographs of the spider (front and back). We will then be able to check whether we have the CAD to cut a chainring for you.

do you supply chainring bolts?

No, we do not supply chainring bolts with our chainrings.  We recommend using Wattshop Cratus chainring bolts.  

Do you sell pre-waxed chains?

No, we do not sell pre-waxed chains.  Detailed information on how to strip and wax a chain with our VELO-CIRE wax can be found here. After extensive testing of the major chain brands, we recommend using YBN chains with VELO-CIRE wax products.