VELO CIRE solid and paste are high-performance chain lubricants made from hydrocarbon waxes and natural polymers which give excellent bonding and hydrophobic properties. VELO CIRE products also contain 50 micron (0.5mm) spheres to improve rolling friction within the chain. We have added a UV fluorescent pigment to allow you to check coverage. It is also purple and smells of lavender because we like it.

VELO CIRE paste has the same basic formula as VELO CIRE solid, but is formulated into a paste for ease of application.

Why degrease and wax a chain?

  • It's free speed - a dirty, rusty, squeaky chain could be leaking as many as 20 - 30W!
  • It will improve the lifespan of your components.
  • It will make maintenance and moving your bike much easier - no more dirty hands or chainring marks on your legs! 

applying velo cire solid

  • VELO CIRE solid is applied, in its molten form, to a clean and degreased chain.
  • Apply using a dedicated slow cooker (don’t cook with it afterwards!) and make sure the wax is fully molten before dipping the chain. 
  • Allow the chain to sit for at least 10 minutes before carefully removing from the wax and hanging up to cool for at least 15 minutes. The cable ties supplied will make this easier and safer. 
  • Once cool, the chain will be stiff with the solid wax and you will need to free the links up by running the chain round an old (clean) chainring before you put the chain back on your bike. 

applying velo cire paste

  • Apply VELO CIRE paste with the toothbrush supplied to a clean, degreased chain. 
  • Apply liberally and regularly to the top, bottom and both sides of the chain.
  • Allow to dry completely overnight.
  • VELO CIRE paste can be applied on its own, or as a top up to VELO CIRE solid or other waxes. 
  • To improve rolling friction further, you can also use the supplied toothbrush to apply VELO CIRE paste to clean, degreased chainrings and cassette.  Again, allow to dry completely overnight.
  • For a quick demo of how to apply VELO CIRE paste, click here.
  • VELO CIRE paste may separate or settle if stored somewhere warm - if this happens, use the other end of the supplied toothbrush to stir thoroughly before use.


  • When molten, VELO CIRE solid is hot; always use gloves.
  • Don’t eat it or let anyone else eat it. 
  • Don’t use it to wax your legs, or as a facial scrub or handcream.
  • Don’t melt it in a microwave or pan.
  • It’s not a candle.
  • Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children and pets.
  • If you get VELO CIRE on your skin, wash it off with soap and water.
  • If you get VELO CIRE in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • If you get VELO CIRE on your wheel rims or brake discs, please ensure you clean it off completely before riding.

more Information & resources

There are a huge number of videos on YouTube on how to degrease and wax your chain, and there are links to some of the ones we think are most useful below.

We use a water-soluble degreaser and hot water in an ultrasonic bath to clean our chains.  You can also use hot water and washing up liquid in a tupperware tub with a lid. We use a dedicated 1.5l slow cooker (these cost around £20) to melt the solid wax and use dedicated silcone stirring spatulas. Please don't use the slow cooker or stirring spatulas from your kitchen!

It's important that the wax is fully molten before use. Do not leave the slow cooker unattended when it is switched on.  Always use gloves and safety glasses when working with the molten wax.  

How to videos:

Oz Cycles: waxing your bike chain - getting it right

GCN: how to wax a bicycle chain - Maintenance Monday

Ronald Kuba: the complete guide to chain waxing (2021)

CyclingTips: a beginner's guide to waxing a bike chain